Benefits of Membership

MassCat is an online resource sharing network for secondary schools and special libraries who are Massachusetts Library System (MLS) members.*

MassCat offers your library a completely Web-based online catalog and circulation system.  MassCat uses the web-based Koha ILS to offer circulation, inter-library loan, cataloging, acquisitions, and serials management. The Koha ILS (integrated library system) is an open source software used by libraries internationally.

If you’re unable to find a record already in the MassCat database, you can search several other library catalog sites using Koha’s integrated Z39.50 search tool.  If you fail to find a record at these other sites, you can make a request for a record from our cataloging center and we will search some licensed databases for a record or we will create a record for you!

Once you join MassCat, your library will be eligible for weekly MLS statewide delivery service.  This will help facilitate easy sharing of items with other libraries that are members of the MassCat network and will greatly expand the offerings your library can make to your patrons.

Don’t delay!  Inquire about membership today!

Contact the MLS Library Resources Director:
Scott Kehoe (

*The Executive Board of the Massachusetts Library System voted in October 2022 to limit MassCat membership to secondary school and special libraries committed to resource sharing.  Public and Academic libraries are encouraged to join a library networks tailored to their needs.  A list of these library networks can be found here:  Library Networks in Massachusetts